iGoogle…. iGoooooooggllleeeeeeee

Well I wasn’t expecting to read this when I accessed my iGoogle page this morning.

iGoogle To Close

Goodbye old friend


Turns out  due to web and mobile apps, there just isn’t a need for iGoogle anymore, although to be honest I have to disagree. My main use for my iGoogle page is to quickly see my most recent emails and RSS feeds from my reader, Check the weather (although at the moment in the UK it’s just constant rain) and look at the top stories to see what’s happening in the news. I’m sure there are a hundred better ways I could use my iGoogle page but for what it is I’m happy with it. It’s my homepage. It’s what I’m used to!

Obviously there is 16 months where I and the rest of us can continue using iGoogle whilst setting up something to replace it with, that’s fine, but what does Google recommend to replace it with… apps on Google Play, which you can use on your brand new Nexus 7!

Or use the Chrome Web Store to install apps. Which is fine but in terms of going to one place and accessing everything easily that is lost which is a real shame.

So goodbye iGoogle. You were one of Google’s better ideas (compared to Wave etc) and you will be missed. Especially by me

(Oh and a big thumbs up to anyone who got my Metal Gear Solid reference for the title of this post!)

Finally Internet Explorer Will Be Available On Xbox 360

In an announcement today at the E3 Expoby Microsoft, they confirmed that Internet Explorer will be coming soon to the Xbox 360, a feature when compared to its rivals the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii has been lacking.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 (Photo credit: talios)

Personally I think it will be a welcome addition and it was only a matter of time as the console already has a search function powered by bing, although that only finds content installed on the console and in the varios game, video and music marketplaces so from a personally point of view, never used.

English: The Microsoft Kinect peripheral for t...

Our future searching tool? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, when IE launches it will be a good go to tab on the consoles dashboard, especially with kinect integration (I’m trying hard to keep this to a internet/seo type talk instead of a gaming one), where laptops and tablets have allowed us to browse the internet from pretty much anywhere, imagine being able to stand (ok sit… no one wants to stand whilst they search do they?) and be able to control the internet with your hands in a kinda Minority Report style way. Also if you can speak your searches that will also be a big win, and why not? We have Google voice? the kinect is pretty good at understanding what I shout at it and when I flap my arms about. For general browsing it could be a winner.

YouTube Testing A New Related Video Screen

It seems YouTube are testing (possibly launched) a new way of showing related videos at the end of a video. From what used to be only a few choices with big buttons to share, replay etc has now turned into 12 thumbnails with titles overlaid and simple share, replay and vote buttons at the top.


I quite like it, and it should keep more people on YouTube (not that thats hard) and hopefully it will also increase related video views.

So everyone wins!



Adobe Edge – Flash For SEO?

In a press release, released today, Adobe announced that they are releasing an early preview of “Edge”, their new web-motion and interactive design tool.

It works in a similar way to Adobe Flash and looks very similar too with a “stage” and time lines for editing the animation transitions and so on. The main difference is that Edge uses HTML5, CSS and javascript which should allow  web designers and developers to create sites like they would in Flash (or “an SEO’s nightmare”), but with the use of HTML5 and CSS it should be more search engine friendly too, as long as there isn’t a massive amount of javascript. Continue reading