Adobe Edge – Flash For SEO?

In a press release, released today, Adobe announced that they are releasing an early preview of “Edge”, their new web-motion and interactive design tool.

It works in a similar way to Adobe Flash and looks very similar too with a “stage” and time lines for editing the animation transitions and so on. The main difference is that Edge uses HTML5, CSS and javascript which should allow  web designers and developers to create sites like they would in Flash (or “an SEO’s nightmare”), but with the use of HTML5 and CSS it should be more search engine friendly too, as long as there isn’t a massive amount of javascript.

Another big positive is it will be supported across all browsers (although Internet Explorer needs to be version 9) and also mobile devices including iPhones and iPads which can’t display Flash.

I used Flash a lot during my time at university creating small animations and interactive pieces,  so I am really interested to see just what Edge is like, especially now, as an SEO, I can have a play with it to see just how well optimised a site created in Edge can be.

Edge is available for free to download at Adobe Labs so anyone can have a play about with it. Once I have, I’ll write a follow up post on here.

Adobe released a preview video of what Adobe Edge can do which you can view below.

2 thoughts on “Adobe Edge – Flash For SEO?

  1. Stan

    I think that we are ‘finally’ going to see a blending of design and SEO with HTML5. We see so many designers hate SEOs and so many cool designs lousy for SEO but I really think that HTML5 with bridge that gap and even though Edge may have a few issues to work out, I think it’s a great step in the right direction.


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